Property Management

Domicelo: Powering Modern and Efficient Property Management.

Revamp your position as a Property Manager by offering the Domicelo app to owners, tenants, and the community. This guarantees you top-notch satisfaction ratings from all users.

Satisfaction Meets Efficiency with Domicelo’s CRM, Your Command Center.

Deliver high-quality services, maintain control and organization, conduct swift and efficient operations, facilitate seamless information communication, and harness valuable statistics for informed decision-making.

Monthly bill

Sending bills and allowing access to bills are now easier than ever. When using the Bill module, the app integrates a billing software that has been previously used, so the bills can be automatically sent to any member using the app. Right now, Domicelo is developing its own state of the art billing software.

Service Catalog

A complete portofolio of services needed by the community can be found in the Service catalog section, in complete, accessible, and well-structured categories of interest. Domicelo brings the ultimate novelty in the field: services available for private spaces.

Ticketing system

It’s a professional way for manager to receive tickets from community members. At the same time, the “improvised” options of receiving requests through social media apps, such as Facebook and WhatsApp, are completely avoided. 

Notifications and Votes/Polls

The Notification and Votes features are managed by the community manager, upgrading in the quality of communication. The level of management-members interaction is significantly higher, due to the proper communication of useful information in real time and obtaining the feedback from members.


Here are the most useful management contacts, that are directly linked to the community. Contacts of the management board, the chosen members (union president, CEX members), and various suppliers (security company, sanitation company and so on) can be found here. 

Car Access

When it comes to the community, the level of access is directly linked to the level of security offered to its members. Car Access module allows the improvement of access by using verified systems, or by offering the option to create a security and access plan from scratch.


The unique benefits of the app

Flexibility and adaptability based on each community

The administration and management are set depending on the specific requests of every community. The portfolio can include more communities and it can use multiple accounts in the administration platform. 

System automatization for notifications and reminders.

Given that notifications are automatically sent, the system is highly efficient. Also, the system it was also been created to send targeted reminders. 

Complete and complex system of receiving and transmitting notifications and reminders

Notifications and reminders will be sent and received directly in the app, with the possibility to opt for communication via e-mail.

History of any type of correspondence - transparency and continuity

Corespondece history keeps track all notifications information and decisions taken. History option offers full transparency to upcoming board management members.

Integration with the systems that are already used by the community or other suppliers

The Domicelo app can integrate numerous financial management softwares that are used for sending bills, parking space softwares (access-on-call, reading registration numbers and so on), but also restaurants, coffee shops, and gym softwares that are used for reservations. 

Automatically generated results of vots/polls

The most important part of a poll is the result. The result will be automatically generated by the system algorithm.

Protecting the identity of voters

The whole idea of voting is to know what the members want, given that they all vote anonymously. Only the chosen option will be showed, not the member who voted it.

Administrative system without any effort from the members or affiliates
Members will be able to register their co-owner, tenants or agents themselves. Each category will have its own established rights. For example, a tenant won’t be able to vote, but may be informed about proposals and decisions.
Clear and pre-established roles for members and their guests

Members have full rights while their affiliates have certain limitations (eg. they aren’t allowed to participate in a poll).

Subscriptions Price

A higher business level at a (more than) promotional price!

Bonuses and additional services

More than an app, a strategy for performance.