Frequently Asked Questions


About Domicelo App

I've downloaded the app, but I can't create a new account and log-in. Why?

The app can be downloaded from the Appstore (IOS) and Google Play (Android), but it can only be used by the communities that purchased it for its members.

In other words, the app can only be used if you receive an invitation from the community manager.

How can I login to the app?

The initial authentification will be done after you receive the user and password from Domicelo on your e-mail address. The member’s e-mail address, where the user and password will be sent by the system is inserted by the community manager. After the first login, you can change the password by going to Menu > Change Password. 

I forgot my password. How can I get it back?

 You can access the link: and follow all the required steps for changing your password.

Who can became community manager in Domicelo? 

Anyone who wishes to be more involved in the community will have access to different premium benefits, but also to better contacts, given by Domicelo. Generally, the Domicelo system is meant for facility management companies, but also for property management, administrators, home owner association president,, real-estate developers, and any other companies and people that work in the field. 

I own more than one property. Do I need more than one app?

No.  Domicelo needs just one download and you will find all the properties, each one with its own profile. 

How do I invite a co-owner or tenant to use the Domicelo app?

You can send user invites to other co-owners, tenants, or even agents, by simply clicking on the Home Menu > Send invitation

What happens when someone votes at the same time as the co-owner or the tenant?

In the first situation, there will only be one vote registered: the first one, no matter the status of the voter. 

*Tenants can’t vote.

Why can't I receive the monthly bill through the Domicelo app?

The Domicelo system is designed to offer this function through a custom module. It can be used if the community manager decides to use it. 

Can I deactivate audio notifications in the app?

Yes. Audio notifications can be deactivated in the app by going to Home Menu > Deactivate notifications. If you select Deactivate, all the information, votes, and other notifications can be seen on the home page of the app, but you won’t be notified about it anymore. 

How can I give car access to guests or Uber?

Temporary access (1h, 6h, 12h) can be given by using the Car Access module > Request Access. 

Does the ConcierGo app show my car access history to other people?

No. None of the members or community manager will have access to information about a vehicle, or the time frame of their visit. The Domicelo system won’t give access to this information to anybody, except when the authorities will specifically ask for them. 

Can I erase the history of giving access to guests?

Yes. The information (license plate and the time frame) can be deleted anytime by simply using the confidentiality button, which is included in the Car Access module > All requests. Domicelo system will provide access information only if authorities ask for it.

Do I have to sign a contract and pay monthly bills if I use Domicelo as a member of a community?

No. Using the Domicelo app doesn’t imply a written agreement between members of the community and the Domicelo system. 

However, there IS a written agreement between Domicelo and the community manager.

Where do all the tickets go? Who answers them?

Sending a claim can be done through a professional ticketing system.

Specificaly, the request becomes a ticket sent directly to the community manager. 

The manager can personally take care of the ticket, but they can also be redirected to third parties (technical team etc)

Can I book services or facilities directly from the app? Example: the tennis court in the complex. 

Yes. Facility reservations can be made directly from the app, following these steps: Services catalog > choose the service >reservation > pick time and date > book the facility. 

The service should have a reservation option, and the supplier has to show the working hours in the app.

How do I know I have successfully booked a facility or service?

You should receive a message that says: “The service has been successfully booked”, and the reservation should be displayed on the Home Page, but also in a special column that you will find in Service Catalog > My reservations. 

Can I cancel a reservation directly from the app, or do I have to call in order to do that?

Yes, the reservation can be canceled directly from the app, by going to Service Catalog module > My Reservations > Cancel Reservation.

Besides, the Domicelo app has a dedicated chat, for all the suppliers and their potential clients. 

Will others see my vote?

No. The Domicelo system won’t show this information, because the vote is private. Hence, no one within the community will have access to other votes, not even the community manager. 

Can I call someone directly from Domicelo?

Yes. You can use any number you have in the Contacts module, but also the suppliers’ numbers from the Service Catalog module, and you can call directly from the Domicelo app. So you won’t have to save, search, or call any of these people from your smartphone agenda.