Owners & Tenants

Unlock the Benefits of Domicelo app for Owners, Tenants and Communities

Discover how Domicelo enhances your living experience. It acts as your virtual assistant, guiding you to choose the finest services, access top-notch community facilities, and facilitate professional communication.

At Domicelo, Owners and Tenants are our top priority. That’s why we’ve designed the app to seamlessly cater to your needs through your personal smartphone.

Enjoy an exclusive privilege with our selective “Members Only” system. Join Domicelo today for an elevated living experience.

Monthly bill

The monthly bill module is a simple tool that groups and shows the current bill, along with the history of all bills. It has now become a lot easier to check and consult your bills at your convenience. See more 

Services Catalog

The Services Catalog module will provide easy access to different services, for various needs that home owners/tenants might have.

Ticketing System

The ticketing module can be used to send the claims directly from the app.
The management will receive and respond to your request using this ticketing system that has been adapted for the app. 

Notifications and Polls

The module is designed to provide real time information to the entire community and consult members on future decisions.



In the contacts module, you will find all the needed contacts associated with the management: the facility management company and the dedicated personell, the president of home owners association, designated members, etc.

Car Acces

Regularized access assures the members’ safety. Oftentimes, before adhering to a new community, one takes into consideration how safe it would be for them and their families. 


Unique benefits of Domicelo App

Versatility and adaptability for each community

The app is designed to meet the needs of each community. It filters all the information and services, but also prioritizes the most relevant ones for the community.

A complete and complex system of receiving and sending notifications and reminders

As a user, you can decide if you want to receive information and reminders on via e-mail or text message. 


Each one of these options can be easily selected in the app, anytime. 

Correspondence history - transparency and continuity

The app allows you to check the entire correspondence history, storing all the important information in one place.

External systems integration

The Domicelo system is designed to “collaborate” with other useful softwares, such as the ones that send bills, provide car access or assure the needed comfort to any community. Even more, the app has a certain adaptive ability, because it is not limited to already existing integrated softwares, but also has all the requirements for new services that don’t benefit from their own operational softwares.

Immediate and accurate results of polls

At the end of the voting time, the poll results of the polls will be calculated and automatically generated. Because of its algorithm, the Domicelo system is made to avoid any possible human errors. 

Identity protection by secret voting

The voting system of the app is based on the confidentiality of the votes. Hence, the voters will remain anonymous

Designated roles for the members and their guests

As a member, you have full benefits while invited users have certain imitations. Any member can pick a level of access in the app, whether it’s complete or it only implies a couple of useful functionalities (car accces, receiving the bill), or even basic facilities of the community (sports field).