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About the DOMICELO mobile app

The Evolution of Property Management: Domicelo Leads the Way

Domicelo represents the first specialized solution in the field, ensuring smarter property management.

In the dynamic landscape of 2024, only new, dedicated, and intuitive technology can meet the elevated expectations of the industry. With Domicelo:

Serving Residential, Office, and Commercial sectors (including stores, malls, clinics).

Performance in Property Management

With the Domicelo app, Property Management has transformed into a modern, transparent, and efficient process, tailored to the current needs and requirements of both Property Owners and Tenants:

2024’s Property Manager is that forward-thinking who equips every property Owner and Tenant with the Home App, expanding services while optimizing its own performance.

DOMICELO modules and their use

How does the app manage to assure complete comfort to an entire community:

Monthly bill

A fast and convenient way of receiving the monthly bill, direcly in the app.
The module includes the curent bill, but also the track record for all the other bills

Ticketing system

The members can send their requests directly through the app, and management responds in a professional manner through a ticketing system. 

Service Catalog

All the useful services and the existing facilities of the community are structured on categories, then provide to all members. Members also can can benefit from these services via reservation system.

Notifications and Votes/Polls

These are two important functionalities: through the notification system, the manager sends essential information to the members; through the voting/poll system, members are consulted regarding future decisions.


This module includes important contacts of the manager or the specialized personnel: the administrator or the administration company, the president of the association, board management or the technical team. 

Car Access

Car access in the community is controlled and it perfectly merges three major characteristics: easy use, safety, confidentiality. 

How does it work?

Intuitive Technology for a Pleasant User Experience

The Domicelo system consists of the CRM and the Domicelo App. Together, these two elements provide the most advanced solution in the industry.

Our PropTech solution combines technology that streamlines all resources (time, personnel, and costs) with the most convenient and highly regarded method of communication today—the mobile app.


It represents the shift from Excel to Excellence in just 10 minutes and is exclusively designed for Property Managers.

It's a 'command center' in the form of a web page, accessible 24/7, designed to organize activities and take over all the work, providing:

- A professional mailing system
- Instant communication with the app
- Specialized features and useful presets
- Automations, reminders, statistics
- The possibility of integration with other systems
- Intuitiveness from the first use (no training required)

The CongierGO App

The concept of homeownership takes center stage, and its value is protected through better Property Management:

- Convenience in accessing premium services offered by plumbing, electrical, equipment maintenance, cleaning, gardening, and more.
- The comfort of being well-informed in a timely manner.
- Engagement and making informed decisions (participation in Voting/Polling).
- The assurance of professionally resolving a submitted Request.
- Relaxation through the elimination of the need to read hundreds of messages on WhatsApp or social media groups.
- Transparent access to documents (signed contracts, forms, etc.) and how money is spent.

Trustworthy Partner for Owners, Tenants and Management Companies:

Alongside Owners and Tenants:
We introduce and approve services from the Service Catalog, ensuring Owners and Tenants benefits ranging from urgent interventions to leisure activities. With 5 selective criteria – reputation, experience, price, communication, and support – we guarantee a quality offering.

Alongside Management Companies:
We facilitate the registration of their own services or those of partners directly to Owners/Tenants. Additionally, we can provide comprehensive facility management solutions for a coordinated and efficient administration of the entire complex or building.

Continuous Evolution through Collaborations and Strategic Expansion

Strategic Collaborations:
Forge strong partnerships with tenant management applications and Concierge-type platforms for an integrated and efficient user experience.

Advanced Integrations:
Explore the benefits of extensive integrations, finding solutions for accounting software or barrier control systems with cameras for license plate reading, thus optimizing the user experience.

Expansion through Franchise:
From Bucharest and Ilfov to the entire country, we expand our services through partnerships with local collaborators, ensuring solutions tailored to local specifics, supporting continuous and sustainable growth.


Our clients

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Adrian Pastrav Dezvoltator Imobilar

Sunt dezvoltatorul proiectului rezidential Regnum Residence & SPA, proiect de 300 de apartamente care ofera piscina privata, terasa cu lounge si jacuzzi, sala de sport etc si provocarea principala a fost cum pot sa ofer aceste facilitati in mod organizat. Solutia vine prin sistemul Domicelo, acum discutam si despre accesul auto, care era o alta provocare pentru mine.